The Long Haul Project

When you get a yarn that is so luxuriously delicious that you just have to make something you’ll wear all the time… and then it takes you 8 months to knit it. That is this project, but oh, am I so glad that I stuck with it.

Last fall I purchased some Lotus Mimi yarn in a fabulous purple from a yarn store that was closing in North Jersey for 50% off retail price. Yes, mink at 50% off, which is the best kind. The original intention was to make my partners Christmas sweater with it, but he said it was too nice for everyday wear. So I designed a Raglan V-Neck sweater to my exact measurements and off I went… in lace weight yarn on US size 3 needles. Someone should have taken my temperate at that point.

It has now been with me at 6 different fiber show in 4 states and today it is finally complete and ready to wear! Of course it’s 86 degrees and sunny, so that’s not happening. However I did take a quick shot for you and let me tell you taking selfies in Antique mercury glass mirrors is fun, cause either my face or the sweater were blocked by the mirrors deterioration. My pitties also had to see what was going on.


A couple other things happening in July.

I will be vending at the Mid Atlantic Fiber Association conference in a few weeks at Millersville University. More info on that can be found here. The vendors and some talks are open to the public.

Also Tour de Fleece 2015 starts this Saturday, so start your Wheels and Spindles ladies and gentlemen! And if you need more pretty fiber for the event head on over to the fiber product section and take a look at all the current offerings. And because I love TDF and my customers, take 15% off your purchase for the entire month of July with code TDF15  I also just received a new shipment of spinning fiber and will be dyeing that and adding it to the website all month long, so check back periodically to see what’s new!

Now go and make something beautiful today!

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