Steel City Fiber Festival, the little show that did.

I just want to start this blog out with a great big thank you everybody who helped make The 1st Annual Steel City Fiber Festival an overwhelming success. I’d like to start by thanking my fellow coordinator, Joe Cole, for his tireless effort. Without his help this would have been twice as much work to bring off. I’d like to thank the wonderful folks over at The Knitter’s Edge, they helped make the show possible through their sponsorship. I’d especially like to thank all of the amazing vendors, in fact, I want to thank them twice. I want to thank them once for taking a chance on applying to a first year show, their faith in what the show could be was inspiring. I’d like thank them the second time for simply doing what they do, it is through all of their hard work that it is possible to put on shows like The Steel City Fiber Festival. Last but most certainly not least I’d like to thank all of the attendees, everyone who wanted to come but couldn’t make it this year, even people who just helped spread the word around. In short, I’d like to thank you. You, the passionate fiber artists for whom this whole community exists. Without your support, interest, and creativity, none of the rest of us would have any reason to do what we do. So everyone, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I can’t wait to see you all again next year for the 2nd Annual Steel City Fiber Festival.

No sooner was I back from Allentown then I had to put our noses to the grind stone to get ready for Raggz Fiber Affair and Wool Market. Now I’m here in Delmont Pa getting set up for today’s show and I can already feel the energy in the air. The other booths are all abuzz with activity. Some of the vendors are furiously building displays or packing out bright colorful goodies for you all with not a spare thought to the world around them until they are finished. Others are chatting amiably while they work, practiced hands making familiar motions without a thought required. Others still are running about on last minute errands to fetch forgotten tools or more importantly, coffee. Speaking of coffee I took a break to drink some and write this to you all.

Well enough reminiscing, there is work to be done. There are those displays I mentioned before, and the yarn still needs to be packed out, and look at the time! See you here at the show folks, or next time, wherever we find ourselves.

Kelly Straub
Shirsty Cat Designs

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