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Hand painted yarn and fiber for knitting, spinning, weaving and crochet.

Hello and welcome to Shirstycat Designs. Thank you for visiting our site.


We here at Shirsty Cat are passionate about our fiber arts, and we know you are too. We love creating beautiful, bright, and unique colorways that we hope will inspire your beautiful and unique creations. Our goal is to make art that you can use to create your beautiful works of art. That is why all of our vibrant colorways are always 100% hand dyed, so that our passion for the fiber arts will be in every yard of yarn, just as your passion goes into every stitch.

We know that you invest a lot of time and energy into creating wonderful, wearable art; but every great artist needs supplies. We know that how and where you chose to purchase those supplies is important to you. That is why we here at Shirsty Cat are committed to providing you with beautiful fibers at affordable prices. We want to make sure that your art is not constrained by supply, that you can always afford the yarns you need for all your masterpieces.  These values and ideals are important to us here at Shirsty Cat Designs because we are fiber artists too.

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My name is Kelly Straub, founder and owner of Shirsty Cat Designs.

In 2003 my goal was to create beautiful art that I could wear and give to friends so they could enjoy it too, so I started knitting and never looked back.

By 2014 I was frustrated that I could not find the bright, vibrant colorways I wanted at prices I could afford, so I started creating my own. I added dying and spinning to my fiber arts skills.

So in 2014 I chose to share my art with you in the hopes that you would be inspired to create your own beautiful art, so I founded Shirsty Cat Designs. I hope you enjoy browsing the website and you can be assured that your checkout will be secured through Paypal.

Did you know I also run a Fiber Festival in Allentown, PA? Go check it out at www.allentownfiberfestival.com

Thank you for joining me in this exciting adventure in creation.

Keep Calm and Fiber On!


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